Conference programme Copenhagen 2017



          11th GEM&L International Workshop on Management and Language 

Copenhagen, 4-5 July 2017


Porcelænshaven 20, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark 

Revisiting Multilingualism at Work:

New Perspectives in Language-Sensitive Research in International Business


Monday, July 3rd 2017

19:00-21:30       Welcome Dinner: restaurant and address

Tuesday, July 4th 2017

08:00-09:00       Registration and coffee: room

09:00-09:30       Welcome address: room

Dorte SALSKOV IVERSEN, Vice President for International Affairs, Copenhagen Business School

Philippe LECOMTE, President of GEM&L

09:30-10:30      Keynote (J. Angouri and R. Piekkari): room

10:30-11:00       Coffee break

11:00-12:30       Parallel Sessions I*: rooms

12:30-14:00       Lunch

14:00-15:30       Parallel Sessions II: rooms

15:30-16:00       Coffee break

16:00-17:00       Keynote (D. Welch and L. Welch): room

17:00-18:00       Round table : Title and room

                            Anne-Wil Harzing, Dorte Lønsmann, Sierk Horn, Susanne Tietze

                            Facilitator : Betty Beeler

18:00-19:00       GEM&L annual general meeting: room

19:30                  Conference dinner : Restaurant Ofelia, Sankt Annæ Pl. 36, 1250 København K

Wednesday, July 5th 2017

08:30-09:00       Coffee

09:00-10:00       Keynote (Brett Scott Chappell) room

10:00-10:30       Coffee break

10:30-12:30       Doctoral session facilitated by senior scholars**: room

12:30-13:30       Networking lunch (Carlsberg foundation)

13:30-15:00       Parallel sessions III: room

15:00-15.30       Coffee break

15:30-16:30       Meet the editors: room

16:30-17:00       Closing: room

17:00-18:00       Reception together with EGOS sub-theme Organizations, Language/s and Mobility/ies: room