EURAM 2018 Symposium on language and translation

Multilingual research, monolingual publication: Language & translation in international management research

Thursday, June 21, 2018 – 14:00 – 15:30
Symposia – Arnagardur Building – A 201
International management research is based on the collection and analysis of data from many languages and employs concepts and knowledge from traditions outside the English speaking Western world. This implies ongoing and intense translation work as part of the research process. Indeed, acts of translation have been shown to be influential and transformative in the generation of knowledge. Yet, these acts and their consequences disappear, when it comes to the publication of research accounts in ‘English only’.  The symposium offers opportunity to explore the role of language/translation in the creation and dissemination of management knowledge and to engage critically with the contemporary publication status quo.

Dr Huiping Xian, University of Sheffield,
Dr Susanne Tietze, Sheffield Hallam University
Dr Nan Jiang, University of Westminster;
Dr Philippe Lecomte, GEM&L,
Dr Outila Virpi, Aalto University,
Dr Natalie Wilmot, GEM&L, Sheffield Hallam University,
Dr Bill Lee, Sheffield Hallam University,
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