GEM&L Webinar #1 – Revaluing the Human contribution to the translation business : a cross-disciplinary perspective
June 13, 2020,  2 PM BST / 3 PM CEST/ 9 AM EDT

For the 1st GEM&L webinar on language in international business, we are delighted to welcome Dr. Hayley Harris, PhD, MCIL, AITI, BA (Hons)  Freelance Translator

Hayley has worked as a freelance translator since 2002. Prior to that she worked for UK organisations with European customers and subsidiaries. She embarked on a PhD with the University of Leicester, School of Management, in 2009. In 2016, she was awarded her doctorate for research into crosslingual communication in the workplace. Hayley continues to actively pursue her research interests as much as possible. She is currently drawing some of this research together, with an aim to enhancing the perceived value of translators in the business world, for the benefit of her fellow professionals. She continues to be as actively involved as possible in current research developments in her aim to continue the cross-disciplinary dialogue concerning language use in the workplace.


In an age of accelerating technological developments, this seminar reassesses the value of human translators in the translation business. It draws on recent language research in International Business and Translation Studies as well as Hayley’s own PhD in Organisation Studies and 18 years’ experience as a translation practitioner. This cross-disciplinary perspective encourages us to take an alternative view of language and translation. In so doing, it provides new ideas and practical suggestions of how everyone in the translation business can enhance the value of translators, as perceived both within and outside the profession.