Publications from the GEM&L community

Natalie Wilmot

Language Management: From Bricolage to Strategy in British Companies. Bristol and Jackson, TN: Multilingual Matters, 2022. 176 pp. ISBN: 978-1-80041-592-8

Komal Kalra and Mike Szymanski

Alike yet distinct: The effect of language diversity on interpersonal relationships within national and multinational project teams By Komal Kalra and Mike Szymanski Management and Organization Review, 2023  Abstract: This study…

Maranda Ridgway, Hélène Langinier

The evolving field of global mobility: responses to global volatility (2013–2022) Maranda Ridgway, Hélène Langinier Journal of Global Mobility: Volume 11 Issue 3  

Päivi Karhunen & Anne Kankaanranta & Tiina Räisänen

New publication by Päivi Karhunen & Anne Kankaanranta & Tiina Räisänen Their article entitled ‘Towards a Richer Understanding of Language and Identity in the MNC: Constructing Cosmopolitan Identities Through “English”’…

RFG n° Vol. 45 n. 278 (janvier-février 2019)

Recension de l’ouvrage de Geneviève Tréguer-Felten ” Langue commune, culture distinctes, Les illusions du Globish” par Philippe Lecomte, président du GEM&L. https://geml.eu/rfg-n-vol-45-n-278-janvier-fevrier-2019/

new article by Philippe Lecomte

Recently published by EFMD Global Focus Iss.3 Vol.12   Why language matters ? There is a gap between language-sensitive IB research and international management education. Philippe Lecomte calls for increased research and an…

new article by Jane Kassis-Henderson et al.

Recently published by Sage, Business and Professional Communication Quarterly, 2018, Vol 81(3)   Boundary Crossing and Reflexivity : Navigating the Complexity of Cultural and Linguistic Identity Jane Kassis-Henderson, Linda Cohen…

Patchareerat Yanaprasart

Our colleague Patchareerat Yanaprasart has a new publication! Congratulations Pat! click here  to see the adverstisement

JIBS special collections

M. Yoko Brannen, T. Mughan (Eds.) Language in International Business  Developing a Field Series: JIBS Special Collections   click here for more details  

global leadership Practices

Global Leadership Practices A Cross-Cultural Management Perspective Edited by Bettina Gehrke, Marie-Therese Claes